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Online Communication System for All Sports Teams and Leagues

How It Works

Setup is easy. Just enter into SCHEDULESmith the playing dates, and players with their associated emails and cell phone numbers. Tell the system when you want to send reminders to the players. Example: 4 days before the game and 2 days before the game.

SCHEDULESmith takes over as online co-captain and sends messages to every player on the designated date asking whether they are playing. The message is sent by email or as a text message to a cell phone.

Included in each message is a link bringing players into SCHEDULESmith for them to answer Yes or No whether they are playing. Each player can view the confirmation report showing who is playing or is not and add comments.

The captain can decide whether or not he needs Reserve Players. SCHEDULESmith will take on the job of contacting these Reserve Players and making sure there are enough players for the game.

The captain can post on SCHEDULESmith what each player's role is going to be so they know what is happening before they reach the game.(Example: player positions, batting order, hockey shift lines, foursome tee times, etc.)